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Customer Examples

Riverdocs Bureau Service offers a cost effective solution for converting all your documents.

We provide document conversion services both directly and to to agencies serving the Corporate, Public sectors.

We offer a number of different conversion options to suit our clients’ needs and workflow.

For example we can converted documents into a single HTML file sections, based on the table of contents, or page for page.

Delivery Options

Whatever the conversion job, we can deliver your documents in whatever way is easiest for you. We offer both hosted and delivered mini web sites or we can prepare the converted output for loading into your content management system (CMS),

CMS Ready

When we convert your document we can prepare the output for loading into your content management system.

Page files images and ‘alt’ text can be separated for easiest use..

We can also load the pages directly either by remote connection or on site. An example of Riverdocs converted content loaded into a CMS is the Cork City Development Plan

Mini Website

Another option we offer is to create a mini website for your converted document. This can have a specially created index page, and inter-page navigation can be added to all pages. This is an example without inter-page links

Hosted Pages

As well as hosting mini websites we can host the pages of your document. With this option all you have to do is add a single index page to your website and we do the rest. This can be a great time saver for a busy web team. An example of hosted pages is the DPP Annual Report

Templates Populated

Many agencies prefer to focus on the design element of online documents. This can be particularly important for high profile documents such as company reports. By working with Riverdocs you can focus on what you do best while we do what were experts in. You create your own page templates, and we populate them quickly and efficiently with your converted content..

Remember whatever option you choose we still charge the same low ‘per page’ rate for converting your documents.

Website design service

We can also provide

  • Custom website designs
  • Logo and custom graphic design
  • Flash animation
  • Web video
  • Digital photography for your site

Web design is a lot more than just producing the perfect looking website. Good web design drives up traffic and extends the range of visitors you can reach. We are experts in making web sites easy to use and searchable.

We offer the most competitive prices. We don't expect you to do all the technical work yourself. Simply give us the information you want on your site and let us do the rest.

Sample sites